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The Corps!® Figures
Meet The Corps!® Characters!
El Jefe / Del Toro
"El-Jefe" / Del Toro
PRIMARY SKILLS: MMA & Boxing Champ / Big Gun Ballistics

El Jefe Del Toro is from Mexico City and grew up protecting his family from the local street gangs. Despite his tough upbringing hardening him as an adolescent, most of his tattoos represent his family members and strong core values of respect and loyalty. He took a liking to boxing at a young age and by 27 he was an underground martial arts and boxing champion. After his first knee replacement, he gave up competitive fighting and joined the military to become a member of the Special Forces Corps.

His time in the military reinforced his modus operandi of sticking up for the little guy. It was during his service that he also made friends with and was recruited by Rain. His size and skills with large weapons make him an unquestionable addition to The Corps team. El Jefe’s brute force and combat experience are exactly what’s needed to help defeat the Curse.

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Impact / Classified Asset
"Impact" / Classified Asset
PRIMARY SKILLS: Lightning Fast Reflex / Kali Fighting Expert

Not much is known of Impact’s past other than having escaped a Russian prison. It is suspected that Impact was a mercenary in Africa while living off the grid. As one of the most powerful Curse members, Impact is considered Plague's most deadly weapon. Without hesitation, Impact can carry out the most covert and dangerous Curse missions with unflinching accuracy.

After an adverse skin reaction from injecting the nanotechnology serum too many times, Impact’s skin began to decompose and became critically sensitive to light exposure. A suit was constructed to not only preserve his physical state, but also immensely enhance his strength. Similar to Titan, his body is continuously pumped with nanotechnology serum. Being more machine than man, Impact's only weakness is his dependency on the serum which he needs to survive!

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Smoke / Som Hassan
"Smoke" / Som Hassan
PRIMARY SKILLS: Knives and Explosives / Parkour Mastery

Little is known about Som Hassan and his upbringing other than having grown up somewhere in the middle east and his passion for video games. His bomb making skills are attributed to his time as a member of an elite Israeli bomb unit. While on a deep undercover mission conducting espionage on the Curse, he was captured by Plague. The Corps was able to intercept Plague's plan of using him for the Replication Program and rescue Som before Ogre could finish grafting nanotechnology to his face.

Other than his facial scar, Plague's experiments also turned Som's hair white and left traces of nanotechnology in his bloodstream that have enhanced his overall strength and endurance. Som is a resilient and seasoned soldier who is more wise than the most enhanced nanotech Curse member. His stealthy movements and bomb making knowledge are his greatest weapons in exacting revenge on the Curse for what they have done to him.

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Shrapnel / Darius Weaver
"Shrapnel" / Darius Weaver
PRIMARY SKILLS: Skilled Sniper Marksman / Hand-to-Hand Combat

Darius grew up in South Africa and was a natural outdoor survivalist. As he matured he also became an excellent marksman and fighter. While traveling the world to study under different martial artists and weapons specialists, he was recruited by Rain. After proving himself, Darius continued to fight with the Corps until a fateful raid on a Curse compound that changed Darius forever. During the raid one of Smoke's bombs detonated near Darius, disfiguring his face from the resulting shrapnel.

The Corps evacuated the compound before it collapsed and left Darius behind thinking he was surely killed in the blast. Little did they know, he had actually been saved by an enemy Curse member! Although most of his memory has been wiped clean, he still harbors resentment towards Smoke for the bomb accident that scarred his entire body. He has since been enhanced with nanotechnology by the Curse to create the perfect foot soldier for the Replication Program.

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Trickshot / Logan Chance
"Trickshot" / Logan Chance
PRIMARY SKILLS: Quickdraw Pistols / Vehicular Stuntman

Son of a well known executive Hollywood producer, Logan Chance grew up on film sets and began a successful career as a stuntman. As a careless youth he had his fair share of run-ins with the authorities, but after an unscrupulous director convinced him to destroy public property in an unpermitted car stunt he was faced with two alternatives: jail or the military. Luckily for Logan, the military was the perfect environment for an adrenaline junkie like himself. From wingsuit base jumping to big wave surfing, he was drawn to anything that took coordination, agility, athleticism and danger!

"Logan once hit a target from 100 yards away while doing a backflip at a gun range. Because of his brazen nature and marksmanship, he received the nickname “Trickshot” from his friend Recoil. His stunts also caught the attention of the Corps leader Rain and the rest is history. Logan has come a long way since his reckless past and now embraces the following Corps values: honor, respect, bravery, loyalty and dedication. He may look like a pretty boy, but he knows how to hold his own in a firefight with the Curse!

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Titan / Tyrell Atlas
"Titan" / Tyrell Atlas
PRIMARY SKILLS: Jungle Survivalist / Extreme Power Lifter

Tyrell Atlas's origins lie in the Congo where he became an expert at navigating jungle terrain at an early age along with learning about the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. As a teenager, he was captured by poachers and served as a jungle guide. Tyrell became corrupted after he saw the wealth he could obtain from animal poaching and began to engage in similar illegal activities. Tyrell's greed soon escalated to operating a sketchy diamond trading business. As he became a larger exporter of diamonds, Tyrell learned everything he could about Guerrilla warfare to calm the mounting paranoia of his operation being raided. Soon he was only comfortable if he had a large magnum and machete on hand.

Plague discovered Tyrell's diamond mining empire while on a reconnaissance mission for the Curse, and was so impressed that he asked for Tyrell's help in fighting the Corps in exchange for Curse troopers to secure the perimeters of his diamond mines. It did not take long for Tyrell to be seduced by the power he could gain from injecting nanotechnology. Only minimally altered at first, Tyrell soon needed a continuous dose of airborne nanotechnology serum to maintain his strength and stamina. Tyrell is as bad as they come and should not be taken lightly on the battlefield by any member of The Corps.

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RAIN / Kenji Shinto
"Rain" / Kenji Shinto
The Corps!® Mission Leader
PRIMARY SKILLS: Master Martial Artist / Modern Combat Tactics

Kenji was born in Kyoto, Japan. He lived with his father, a former Navajo "Windtalker" who served overseas in the pacific during WWII relaying secret codes in Navajo, and his mother, the daughter to the greatest modern master of Ninjutsu in the world. Kenji grew up learning both the ways of the Navajo as well as harnessing his natural abilities in Ninjutsu. Kenji spent most of his life studying and training. With the passing of his grandfather, Kenji decided to continue his family legacy by helping to teach the ways of the Ninjutsu and protecting his city from corruption through heroic acts of vigilantism under the name given to him by his father.

Soon the rumors of a mysterious vigilante reached the Corps'® HQ. It took the entire Corp team to track Rain down but once they found him they were able to convince him to join the Corps to help fight a much greater force of evil, The Curse!. When Rucker stepped down from his leadership position Rain, with his incredible hand to hand combat abilities and extraordinary skills in modern combat tactics, was unanimously voted as the new leader of the Corps!®.

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"Plague" > Formerly Shadow
The Curse! Leader
PRIMARY SKILLS: Advanced Nano-Technology / Infiltration and Disruption

Their leader was once a Corps!® agent himself and head of new technologies until he strayed into the obscure. He began to experiment with nano machines, giving them artificial intelligence. To further enhance his mental and physical strength, he injected himself with hyper A.I. nano machines in his lab. He became more machine than man!

Possessed by the A.I. inside, bent on destroying the human race, he has gathered a small group of lost and like-minded individuals AMASSING A DRONE ARMY of mechanized evil calling themselves "The Curse!"

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OGRE / Axle Broz
"Ogre" / Axle Broz
PRIMARY SKILLS: Munitions Expert / Berserker Brawler

Ogre is the older brother of Troll and the muscle of the two. Separated from his brother during the Russian conflict, Ogre resorted to a life of crime. Eventually being caught by the top mob boss of a Russian Crime Syndicate and raised in the ranks of the "family". By the age of 18 Ogre was already 6 feet 8 inches tall and the undefeated champion of an underground fighting league owned by the Russian Crime Syndicate. Ogre specialized in "ambush style" warfare using his skills in large munitions and berserker style brawling to dominate his opponents.

After fighting alongside his brother in the Marauders, The Curse! offered to enhance his strength. Their nanotech would line his muscles making him incredibly strong, fast, and strikingly agile. Because of his giant size The Curse! could inject Ogre with a triple dose of nanotech that would have broken most soldiers. Now he is the strongest brute the world has ever seen. With Ogre and his brother fighting for The Curse! they seemed almost unstoppable.

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SNAKEBITE / Nasha Raven
"Snakebite" / Nasha Raven
PRIMARY SKILLS: Tactical Knife Combat / Kapoeta Blackbelt

She grew up in the Australian Outback where she traveled the plains protecting endangered species. While with her father, she developed a wide range of skills including diverse fighting styles, knife skills, and powerful immunities to almost every venomous and poisonous animal or plant. By the age of 20 she joined the Australian Special Operations Command Unit. Snakebite surpassed everyone's expectations despite being one of the only women in the unit. They say that with just two knives she could take out an entire team of enemies without ever being detected.

Her incredible abilities stem mostly from her Kapoeta, and other martial arts training. The Corps!® quickly caught word of her hand-to-hand combat skills and immunity to toxins. Needing someone who could fight on the front lines without risk of getting infected by The Curse! A.I. Virus, The Corps!® invited her to join their ranks. Now The Corps!® can advance on The Curse! with one of their strongest new allies, Snakebite.

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Troll / Slade Broz
"Troll" / Slade Broz
PRIMARY SKILLS: Interrogation Expert / Master-At-Arms

Troll grew up in Chechnya, Russia. Separated when he was 11 from his brother during an air raid bombing, he devoted his life to find his long lost brother. At the age of 20 he was recruited by a special division of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service where he hoped to use his resources to find his brother. While in the FIS, Troll developed advanced interrogation techniques, advanced weapons training, and expert guerrilla and urban combat techniques.

While investigating an underground mob syndicate, Troll discovered his long lost brother who was working as the leader of their henchmen. Since then they have worked side by side in a number of black ops mercenary missions under the Marauders call sign. Plague, familiar with Troll's expertise from past battles, offered to enhance him with nanotechnology making him stronger, faster and heal quicker than ever before. Always greedy for more power, Troll quickly accepted and enlisted in The Curse!.

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Recoil / Max Brunner
"Recoil" / Max Brunner
PRIMARY SKILLS: Sharp-Shooter / Parkour and Acrobatics

Recoil grew up in Los Angeles, California and made his mark at a young age as a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast. He joined the Marines, breaking every marksman record with a pistol and small arms munitions the branch had. His gymnastics training made him an unstoppable force in urban combat emphasizing parkour skills to evade enemies and eliminate them with deadly accuracy.

Armed to the teeth, his weapon of choice are two modified automatic .45 pistols that never leave his side. The Corps!® quickly noticed his skills and recruited him for his agility and ability to help fight against the cybernetic enhanced Curse! enemies. He is one team member The Corps!® needs to keep up against the assuring battles to come.

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PUMA / Aella Ramos
"Puma" / Aella Ramos
PRIMARY SKILLS: Nerve Strike Combat / Tactical Archery

Puma was the daughter and sole heir to the largest sugar mills owner in Brazil. Her parents were killed by a brutal cartel assassination and she was orphaned at the age of 9. Narrowly escaping, she fled to the jungle and was adopted by one of the last head hunter tribes of the Amazon. She harnessed her natural skills with a bow and developed vast knowledge of fighting techniques using pressure points and toxins adapted from poisonous animals and plants of the jungle.

By the age of 19, Puma's beauty and skill were unmatched and advanced enough to exact her plot to avenge her parents' murder. From then on, she became South America's youngest and most feared assassin. She was an animalistic force that The Curse! could not resist adding to their cause. Now augmented with the AI Virus, Puma is a femme fatale, a force to be reckoned with.

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Buckshot / Austin Colt
"Buckshot" / Austin Colt
PRIMARY SKILLS: Aviation Expert / Aerial Stunt Pilot

Born in Houston, Texas to a brilliant aeronautical engineer he learned at a young age to repair jet powered aircrafts.  He had a passion for flying and always felt more comfortable in the sky so on his 18th birthday he enlisted in the Air Force as a combat pilot. The Air Force felt his abilities would be best suited for their special top secret aeronautics division where his skills as both a pilot and an engineer would help to create the most advanced aircrafts the world had ever seen.

The Corps!® assessed his skills and experience and recruited Buckshot to head up the Flying Force team. Flying Force had never been the most technologically advanced branch of The Corps!® but with the impending drone attacks The Corps!® needed his help to beef up their aerial presence. Buckshot is now designing and building innovative aircrafts for the team and never misses an opportunity to get into the fray and shoot down The Curse! aerial drones.

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Reaper / Classified
"Reaper" / Classified
PRIMARY SKILLS: Tactical Driving / Master Escape Artist

Reaper is silent and deadly. Nobody knows his real name, where he is from, or what he looks like. Some speculate that he is one of The Curse's most advanced A.I. soldiers because his movements and skills seem supernatural. All they know for sure is when given an assault rifle, there is no stopping him! He is like the night, silent and still but deadly.

This is where he earned the nickname Reaper. Though he was once an ally and team member of The Corps!®, the intense greed for money, glory, and AI power lead him to join Shadow and The Curse!. Due to his inside knowledge, he ravaged most of The Corps!® outposts around the globe, taking out massive bases single handedly. Don't fear the night, fear the Reaper.

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Bolder / Conner Bradic
"Bolder" / Conner Bradic
PRIMARY SKILLS: Military Tech Development / Tech Applications

Conner Bradic was born in a quiet part of Bramberg, Germany. He was truly a prodigy just like his father who was a world renown biochemist. His father encouraged him at a young age to use his genius to help others. He also introduced him to martial arts in hopes it would help him to center his mind and body. After graduating top of his class at MIT, he went on to create his own tech company. His company would go on to design many pivotal inventions that set in motion a new revolution in mechanical design.

His most recent obsession revolved around finding a way to use nanotechnology to save lives. When he finally figured out how to program Nanobots to target cancer cells and replace the damaged tissue; it was thought that it would be a revolution in health care. Just before his invention went public, his research was stolen by Plague. The Curse! corrupted his work to create the Nanites that turn their soldiers into super soldiers. Furious that his invention had been corrupted, he joined The Corps!® to help them develop technology to stop The Curse! army once and for all. The designs he created for The Corps!® made it possible for them to finally turn the tables against the overwhelming Curse army.

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Condor / Ivan Lushka
"Condor" / Ivan Lushka
PRIMARY SKILLS: Expert Jet Pilot / Ace Dog Fighter

Born in Rostov, Russia, Ivan was raised by his two parents. Ivan's father, formerly one of Russia's top pilots, began to teach him at a young age to fly. Ivan quickly learned his body could withstand tremendous amounts of G-force without losing consciousness. With his "hawk like" eye sight and lightning fast reflexes, he soon learned he was able to maneuver planes better than anyone ever could. Ivan's father began to notice his son's extraordinary talents in the sky and slowly began to mold him into one of the best stunt pilots the world had ever seen.

After countless wins in various competitions, he was recruited by the Russian Air Force to help test their most experimental aircrafts as well as various Black Ops Missions where his stunt plane experience made him a top dog fighter in the sky. When the Corps!® began working with more advanced aircraft, they recruited Ivan to lead the team against the Curse! drone airfleet. With his abilities to travel at mach speeds below enemy radar, he is able to take the fight to a level even the drone army could not keep up with.

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Dozer / Nikolai Volkov
"Dozer" / Nikolai Volkov
PRIMARY SKILLS: Land-To-Air Weapons / Bazooka Obsessed!

Dozer grew up in a regular neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York where his obsession with fireworks and bazookas was frowned upon. After being kicked out of MIT for accidentally blowing up the engineering department, he joined the Marines as a demolitions officer. He spent most of his free time trying to make the perfect tactical bazooka.

Dozer was obsessed with the idea that using a bazooka was the answer to any problem in combat. The Corps!® needed his skills with rocket propelled explosives and berserker battle style to take down the massive amounts of The Curse! drones and vehicles. Dozer's special Bazooka could track The Curse! nano-signatures and take them out with deadly precision. If you need to find him in battle, just follow the trail of battle cries and explosions.

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Diesel / Deck Brody
"Diesel" / Deck Brody
PRIMARY SKILLS: Oceanic Navigation / Nautical Pilot

Diesel grew up in Maui, Hawaii where he helped run his parent's surf shop. At the age of 19 he joined the United States Navy where Diesel became the best nautical navigator and open water vehicle specialist in the world. He showed tremendous skills in nautical warfare and most would say he was born to be in the water.

By the age of 24 Diesel held almost every record the Navy had for nautical operations. With The Curse! closing in on every body of water around the globe, The Corps!® needed his help to take back the sea and keep The Curse! from taking valuable resources. With Diesel's help The Corps!® Sea Squad will finally have the advantage at sea.

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Gills / Carlos Perez
"Gills" / Carlos Perez
PRIMARY SKILLS: Ultra-Deep Diving / Underwater Recon

Gills grew up in Quintana Roo, Mexico spending most of his young life diving and exploring miles of underwater caves. His skills in diving developed so much that he could dive underwater for 25 to 28 minutes without surfacing and holding his breath for up to 30 minutes. Instead of becoming an Olympic swimmer, he chose to join Sea Squad to use his talents to help people.

After being on hundreds of successful rescue missions he has now been reassigned to combat duty to help protect his beloved ocean. The Curse! had started sinking battle ships that guarded civilian supply ships traveling from South America. With The Curse! destroying more and more of The Corps!® battleships it was essential to have a team member that knew the area and could help them regain dominance in the water.

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Rucker / Alex Brody
"Rucker" / Alex Brody
PRIMARY SKILLS: Strategy and Tactics / Expert Marksman

Rucker grew up in Washington D.C. He applied his almost genius level IQ to mastering strategy and combat efficiency. His skills were attributed to his almost 6th sense ability to read his opponents moves and make precise approximations to what they would do next. This ability along with his outstanding marksmanship skills and outstanding leadership abilities made him an unstoppable force in any location or terrain.

He led The Corps!® through countless victories leading to the ultimate defeat of the Marauders. When his best friend Shadow turned into the villainous "Plague" and formed The Curse! he could not forge ahead. Conflicted by his friendship with Plague he knew The Corps!® needed a clear headed leader in this battle against The Curse!. Although he stepped down from his leadership role with The Corps!®, he has not stepped back from the fight.

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The Corps!® 6" Figures
Meet The Corps!® Characters!
"Roughneck" / Alex Stonebridge
PRIMARY SKILLS: Desert Combat / Brute Force

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota he joined the Marines right out of high school where he specialized in desert combat. Returning home he spent several years working on oil rigs as a roughneck. His training in the marines and working on the oil rig had made him incredibly strong and resilient. Strong minded and sharp as a tack this good ol' boy would help anyone in their time of need. When Roughneck got word of The Corps!® he made it his duty to help them fight against The Curse! in any way he could. With this tough guy's help The Corps!® has a fighting chance at taking down The Curse! once and for all.

"Oculus" / Damien Crazen
PRIMARY SKILLS: Enhanced Vision and Strength

Born in Hull, England, Oculus was a former MI6 agent trained in covert operations and intelligence gathering. Oculus went rogue after ordered to complete a mission resulting in taking shrapnel to his right eye. Going ghost for a few years he resurfaced as one of the top paid mercenaries in the world. Plague had heard of Oculus' unique skills and made him an offer too good to pass. He offered to replace his wounded eye with a new nano-infused bionic eye giving him superhuman sight, targeting capabilities, tracking systems, and infrared night vision capabilities. Plague promised to pay him handsomely while providing him with nano injections making him incredibly strong and fast. Oculus could not refuse this offer of ultimate power but after a few missions he is beginning to regret losing his freedom.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Ancient Martial Arts

Born and raised as a Shaolin Monk to the Shaolin temple in Henan province, China he spent most of his life in peace mastering the ancient art of martial arts. Until the day Plague ordered an attack on the monastery to claim the strategic vantage point as a supply depot and base. The Corps!® came to their aid but not before they had destroyed most of their ancient relics. Many of his monk brothers including his master who trained him did not survive the onslaught. When Krane saw The Corps!® fight to protect them and help rebuild the monastery he knew that their mission was a divine one. Although Krane has not formally enlisted into The Corps!® he still helps fight missions.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Police Tactical Special Assault

Kenji was a former police captain from Akita, Japan, also responsible for training the Special Assault Team in Judo, Ninpo Taijutsu, and Kendo. One fateful night Kenji's top pupil Slash challenged him to a duel. Angry that he never received the respect he felt he deserved, Slash attacked Kenji, while blocking the attack he cut Slash's face. Furious with vengeful intentions Slash left and never returned. When Kenji received word that his star pupil had chosen a life of crime as an assassin for hire, he left the police force and vowed to retire from teaching Kendo ever again. Upon hearing word that Slash had joined The Curse! Kenji decided to come out of retirement and join The Corps!® to help atone for his former pupil and prevent him from destroying the world as we know.

PRIMARY SKILLS: MMA Champion / Lethal Fighter

For years Dynamite was the prominent middleweight champion and prizefighter of the MMA . Until one fateful bout with an untrained street fighter knocked him out in the first round. Humiliated and disgraced by his fans, he left the lime light to train in secrecy vowing to never lose again by any means possible. When his brother Rucker, leader of The Corps!®, heard the news he persuaded Dynamite to enlist. Promising he would be trained by the most skilled and lethal fighters in the world. After training side by side with The Corps!® and Kenji, he mastered the ways of Kendo, Ninpo Taijutsu and Judo. Finally ready to put his skills to the test, he joins his brothers in arms in the fight against The Curse!. Dynamite is known as the most tenacious and unyielding soldier in The Corps!®. Hopefully his fighting spirit will give The Corps!® a chance against The Curse!.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Police Tactical / Assassination

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Slash was a member of the Special Assault Team trained under Kenji in the art of Kendo and quickly rose to be his star pupil. Feeling betrayed when Kenji refused to call him his equal, Slash challenged him to a duel. Slash lost the duel and in the process received a large slash across his left eye. Feeling utterly betrayed, Slash left Kenji's dojo and the Special Assault Team never to return. From then on Slash worked to become the world's top assassin with skills unmatched until he was surpassed by Puma. Determined to be the best, Slash joined The Curse! to learn what made Puma the best assassin in the world and regain his rank as the world's greatest assassin. Slash remains extremely weary of augmentation which he views as cheating and dishonorable. Instead choosing to find power from within by aligning his inner Chi. Slash remains the only member of The Curse! that has not been augmented.