• The Corps! History
    The Corps! History and Mission

    The Corps! is a highly skilled group of individuals recruited from all over the world to fight for global peace and order. Assembled into units based on each individual's skill and discipline. Each team specializes in protecting the innocent and combating evil on land, water, sky or in the shadows.

    Whether the fight takes them to the remote areas of the jungle, the dark depths of the oceans, soaring high at super-sonic speeds or behind enemy lines, The Corps! stands committed.

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  • Plagues' Transformation
    Shadow Transforms / Plagues' Descent to Madness!

    Their leader was once a Corps! agent himself, and head of new technologies until he strayed into the obscure. He began to experiment with nano machines, giving them artificial intelligence. To further enhance his mental and physical strength, he injected himself with hyper A.I. nano machines in his lab. He became more machine than man! Possessed by the A.I. inside, bent on destroying the human race, he has gathered a small group of lost and like-minded individuals AMASSING A DRONE ARMY of mechanized evil calling themselves "The Curse!"

    A new enemy is on the rise...
  • The Corps! VS The Curse!
    The Corps! ELITE

    Thankfully, there are The CORPS!. Assembled after WW2 as a natural reaction to global threats, The CORPS! has always fought for justice, truth, and freedom. Now, more than ever, the world needs a GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD! After defeating and disbanding The Mauraders, a new elite corps was assembled to fight one of their own. The CURSE! has now emerged in all corners of the world wreaking havoc and recruiting new followers.

    In a time of confusion, a fearful world requires men and women of honor and courage to step forward; heroes whose mettle has been tested and whose skills have been honed.

    The Corps! "VS" The Curse!
  • The Curse!
    The CURSE! / A New Enemy Rises

    A new enemy rises on the world's stage. Plague now gathers his amassed drone army for revenge!

    The CURSE! is infused with hyper nano technology and artificial intelligence which is bent on pure destruction. The CURSE! will not stop until there is complete assimilation with all mankind bowing to his will at any cost. They are now gathering all of their resources for complete and total control.

    The only defense is YOU! Rise or Fall.
The Battle is ON! Which Side Will You Be On?
Meet The Corps!® Universe Figure Line-Up
The Corps!®
Each member of The Corps!® is an honest and dedicated warrior trained to protect the innocent and is committed to fighting evil in any form.
Upon joining The Corps!®, new recruits become valued members of the team and are highly respected for their contributions and skills. Respect is a valued prize earned through action against all forces of evil.
When evil is present and threatens to plunge peace and order into chaos and mayhem, The Corps!® has the will and drive to fight for the righteous cause. No fear will ever keep The Corps!® from completing their mission and overcoming challenge with victory.
The Corps!® is bound by their allegiance to each other and to the world at large by supporting and helping each other achieve their goals for right. Even when faced with difficult missions or military challenges, the loyalty of The Corps!® will not be broken.
It is the strength of The Corps!® members' will and their drive that allows them to push on when the odds are against them. With an unwavering commitment to their values and a determination to triumph over evil, The Corps!® will always uphold peace and order around the world.
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6 Inch Super Soldier
6 Inch Super Soldier
6 Inch Super Soldier
6" SUPER SOLDIER - The Curse!
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